A detailed review of popular yoga mats

What it is?

Whether it is for a newbie or for spiritually inclined persons, yoga mat is a must! A yoga mat is an essential accessory for practising the art of yoga. The best yoga mat for hot yoga allows you to make your exercises far more safe and convenient.

Points to be noted:

While buying your yoga mats it is important to bear these parameters in mind in order to select the perfect one.

  • Size and Thickness
  • Efficiency
  • Maintenance and Usability

Keeping the above said points in mind, we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide by carefully choosing 5 of the best yoga mats present on the modern market to help you make an informed purchase decision.

  • Yogabellies Natural Yoga Mat:

This yoga mat is created to take your workouts to a whole new level of luxury! It’s made of 100% natural tree rubber and printed with water based inks, so that you will be in a position to fully concentrate on your meditation. The mat is very gentle and soft and also it grips even better when you sweat, thereby justifying its name as the best yoga mat for hot yoga! These mats employ heat sublimation printing technology to ensure that the eye catching design of the mat won’t fade even after multiple uses.

  • Goture Non-Slip TPE Material Yoga Mat:

This Goture’s yoga mat will become your best assistant for sure during workouts courtesy of its advanced design. So what’s so unique about it? The mat is made of environmentally friendly thick TPE, hence making it100% biodegradable and free of rubber, latex and other harmful components. Secondly, the mat will preserve its original shape after even rough and tough usage. On a nutshell, this ultra soft yoga mat can really become your reliable assistant during yoga sessions. 

  • Fitness We Trust Non-Slip Thick Yoga Mat:

This yoga mat’s eco-friendly PVC boasts a memory effect, so the corners won’t curl up and distract you from your workouts as is the case with other mats available in the market. The mat’s super-soft cushioned surface follows the contours of your body reducing the chances of slipping or acquiring sprains. Since it weighs very little and can be compactly rolled up, it is easy to carry the mat just anywhere.

  • MB Zen Sports Foldable Yoga Mat:

Bearing in mind the amount of concentration levels that yoga requires, the manufacturer of MB Zen Sports Foldable Yoga Mat have given their best to come up with this product. Through these mats, you could immerse yourself into the full experience of fitness, yoga and various related activities. The unique square pattern of these mats will add to better alignment of your body, thus enabling you to easily learn new asana. The product comes with an illustrated guide with some information about basic yoga poses and tips to avoid various possible injuries.

  • JLL Yoga Mat Extra Thick:

To satisfy the wishes of their customers to exercise in any weather conditions, JLL has released its extra-thick Yoga Mats. Thanks to its 15 mm thickness, you can comfortably and safely practice yoga irrespective of the condition of the underlying ground. One of its sides has a closed-cell surface to prevent the absorption of moisture, and as a result it won’t lose its shape even at extreme weather conditions. Moreover, its high elasticity will provide enough padding to protect you from hard surfaces.


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