A Smooth and Healthy Drink to Stay Fit

What if you could actually stay fit by having a deliciously smooth and healthy drink? Wouldn’t it be awesome? Have it with your breakfast or lunch or in the middle of the day! Let us introduce you to a very amazing and delicious low carb smoothie, the ‘Cinnamon Role Smoothie.’ So, if you are interested to know what all you would be needing and how to make the Cinnamon Role Smoothie, then just follow to the next section as everything will be mentioned clearly for your better understanding.

What All You Would Require as Ingredients to Prepare the Cinnamon Role Smoothie

There isn’t really a very big list of requirements for the preparation of Cinnamon Role Smoothie. Below mentioned are the small and easily accessible items as ingredients for your Cinnamon Role Smoothie.

  • Almond milk around one cup
  • Vanilla flavored protein power around two tablespoons
  • Cinnamon of half a teaspoon
  • Vanilla extract of quarter a teaspoon
  • Sweetener of around 4 teaspoons
  • Flax meal of around one teaspoon
  • A cup of ice cubes

As you can see, the list doesn’t contain items which are very difficult to get. Thus, easily buy these items from a market and prepare your Cinnamon Role Smoothie.

How to Prepare the Cinnamon Role Smoothie?

Take all the ingredients and put all of them in a blender together. Now, set it to blend. Once it is blended properly and the smoothie has been formed, enjoy it! This is exactly what you need to do, and this is exactly how easy it is to make a Cinnamon Role Smoothie.

If you are interested in this Cinnamon Role Smoothie, you can definitely try making it at home and having it. If you are not really interested, then you can at least give it a try for once, maybe your perception will change!


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