We all would love more confidence and courage in our lives, but we usually lack the knowledge or know-how to do so. With your confidence, it will help you overcome fears and uncertainties and follow your dreams. Mental courage gives us the strength to face fear, dangers or uncertainty. Physical courage allows us to resist pain, illness, rehabilitation, disability, or death. While, Moral courage gives us the ability to act ethically when it comes to scandals, embarrassing situations or humiliation.

Your fear may tell you things as if you are not good enough to go into it, or you do not deserve to start a new relationship after the last end in a wrong way. Summon your courage, face fear and seek what you want in your life. I’ve found that using the following crystals and gemstones can be very useful in creating confidence and courage.

  1. Sodalite

Sodalite is a stone of logic and intuition. It eliminates mental disorientation and promotes rational thought, objectivity, truth and intuitive perception. It is useful for group work as it helps harmony and mutual dependence. The crystal encourage meditation and the reception of new ideas. It brings emotional balance and encourages self-respect. Physically, it activates the immune system and heals the effects of radiation.

  1. Sunstone

The sunstone is a genuine stone that radiates, effectively against gloom and sadness. It gives vitality, visual clarity, faith and help with meditation. It brings the joy of living, strengthens self-confidence. It allows us to affirm ourselves. The sunstone is a warm stone that brings vitalizing energy. It is a very fragile stone; it breaks quickly.

  1. Moonstone

The moonstone allows one to wander his mind and be in touch with the cosmic forces to develop his imagination. It helps to improve intuition, to make premonitory dreams and to increase the memory of ideas. Moonstone purifies the body by activating the functions of the kidneys and bladder. It gives us a great ability to adapt, reduces anxiety and promotes the presence of mind.

  1. Hematite

Hematite is the most effective stone to anchor oneself in one’s body and the physical world. It helps dissolve negativity, shyness, of all kinds, and teaches patience. It stimulates the will, the spontaneity, the courage to live and start from the scratch. It as well encourages concentration and mental skills focused on the concrete. Physically, it deals mainly with blood and kidney disorders like anaemia, bleeding, wounds and fractures (scarring), and it regulates menstruation as well.

  1. Blue Chalcedony

Blue Chalcedony has a hardness of 6.5 to 7; it is part of the family of quartz. Blue Chalcedony is a variety of blue agate which is also called agate blue lace; its name comes from the city of Chalcedon in Turkey. Blue Chalcedony has a very soft energy; it helps communication, acceptance, it is anti-inflammatory especially in the throat, and it helps with lung disorders. In aggressive people, it brings a salutary calmness in them. The blue chalcedony prevents accidents, and reduces irritation and dangers. It also helps relieve sleeping problems.


  1. Bloodstone

Bloodstone is excellent when it comes to fixing and protection. It helps dispel mental confusion, it calm the mind, it give courage, and facilitate decision-making and adaptation to situations. The crystal is superior purification and detoxification, especially for blood, liver, intestines, kidneys, spleen and bladder. It neutralizes excessive acidity.

  1. Malachite

Malachite works by absorbing negative energies causing pain. It is useful against cramps including menstrual; it helps facilitates childbirth (also called midwives’ stone) it encourages the expression of feelings, and empathy, it helps diminishes shyness and supports friendship; Malachite relieves mental disorders (including psychiatric). It useful against dyslexia; which includes clarity and structuring of speech, leading to better persuasion skills.

How to use gemstones and crystals to improve confidence and courage

There are several ways to use these gemstones and crystals to improve and enhance your productivity in the workplace. Try one or more of the following techniques!

  1. You can keep any of these crystals and gemstones near you, in your purse, briefcase or pockets to enhance your inner capabilities all the time.
  2. Wear some gemstone mala beads or have a crystal on a pendent around your neck. When doing so, it will be best to have the protective stone hidden from plain view and touching your skin if possible.
  3. When you need a boost of confidence and courage, practice a mantra meditation with a crystal yoga bracelet. Chant an mantra that increases courage and bravery like “Om Hanumate Namah” or “Hang Pawan Nandnay Swaha” for 108 repetitions. Then wear the energized mala beads on your wrist to feel the residual power and energy of the mantra.

In conclusion, Courage is an act of not allowing you to fear what you believe. It helps replace negative thought in your head with “I CAN”. When you need courage and confidence, we suggest using the above-explained crystals to give you power and encourage to do things.


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