Get the Benefits From Vet Medicines

 The Similarities

The major studies in medicine like Physiology, Anatomy, and Biochemistry reveal the similarities between humans and animals in forms and functions.  In most of the animals, the size and the capacity of the organs vary, but the basic constituents of the body parts are the same as in humans. As the animal kingdom is a big world with its thousands of animals, the study of medicina humana y veterinaria is an interesting option to explore.

The similarities led to the development and study of medicines, which are suitable for both humans and animals. The need and dosage differ but the ingredients and the functions of the medicines are similar in most cases. The study of medicina humana y veterinaria is an important part of medical studies as most of the medicines are tested on animals before using it for humans. In case of bodybuilding steroids, the power and impact of the medicines tested in animals help the further use in humans.

Some Vet Steroids, Now Used for Humans

Stanozolol popularly known as Winstrol was developed for pets like cats and dogs. It was given to the underweight dogs and cats to recover from muscle wasting diseases. The good effect of the steroid makes it suitable for humans and has been successfully used in bodybuilding cycles.

 Equipoise was created especially for horses and particularly used for racehorses. It increases the red blood cells count and the oxygen intake. It was used as a performance- enhancing drug for the horses. It also induces the gain of maximum muscle mass in a shorter duration. Now it is widely used by the bodybuilders and they take the steroid 2 to 3 times in a week.

Finaplix pellets were the steroids developed for cattle to gain maximum meat before going for slaughter. Now it is used by bodybuilders to gain mass and in other forms than as pellets.

The Merits in Veterinary Drugs

The best qualities of the vet drugs are having no water retention capacity and having no side effects.

The vet medicines when used in stack cycle, give excellent results. Winstrol is a side effects free drug. When used in a stack with equipoise gives all the benefits like strength, hardness, definition, and size. The vet drugs are real power-enhancing drugs.

The combination of the vet and human steroids give best results. The cycle of one vet steroid injection and one oral human dose and one human injection dose gives the best result. Some people in the fitness world recommend two vet injectable drugs together.

The Not So Good Reasons

People who don’t have experience with using anabolic steroids fear about the implications of using the vet drugs.

Believing the unfounded media reports is not good. It propagates a lot about the side effects of the steroids.

Most of the people, by following the stories told everywhere, are in the belief that vet drugs are manufactured in an unhygienic way

People fear about the quality control and the standards, maintained in the factories which make vet drugs.



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