Get the Dietary Fibers Your Body Requires

In everyday life we come across many articles explaining the importance of dietary fibers and anti-oxidants but Siberian Health is a company that has mastered the combination of ingredients and compiled them as health care supplement which has been a magical elixir for the treatment and prevention of many health problems.

As is the motto of the company, all the health care products aim to extract the pristine ingredients from the Mother Nature and these indigenous herbs are worked on in world class research facilities by scientists who have brought many break through innovations since 1966 when this company was set up.

One of the leading products of the company is Lymphosan tablets which are basically the combination of anti-oxidants and dietary fiber and the product is available as three variants.

  • Lymphosan Pure Life: for wellness in general and to lead a fit and disease free life, the anti-oxidant compositions of this product in which Siberian plant anti-oxidants are there is an excellent choice. The dietary fibers present in this product are good for the intestinal health and relieves of any digestive problems. It has been implicated as being useful in weight loss as it reduces the hunger attacks and sugar cravings that may be the reason of excessive eating and fatigue. The dietary fiber potentiates the growth of normal gut flora and is a boon for complete health and wellbeing.
  • Lymphosan cardio balance: it is a well known fact that arteriosclerosis can be prevented by decreasing the LDL cholesterol in the body. Dietary fibers can play an important role in the reduction of LDL cholesterol and hence have a known advantage in keeping the heart healthy. This product contains viscous fibers such as pectin, psyllium and guar gum which are researched to be cardio friendly. Additionally Siberian Hawthorn and Green Tea flavonoids are also very famous for their heart-protecting properties.
  • Lymphosan female beauty: the natural blend of ingredients in this product works excellent for women health by bringing a hormonal balance, weight loss, detoxification, hydration and cleansing. All the women crave for a single product which can bring their inner beauty and the glow naturally and it is now possible with this product.

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