Lower Eyelid Surgery Will Make You Look Young Again

It is quite fascinating how celebrities look young no matter how old they get, right? Well, it is no secret that most of them have gone under the knife to achieve their looks, and if you are interested in making yourself appear younger, you should try the droopy eyelid fix in Bondi Junction by Dr. Naveen Somia.

Why do people choose surgery?

There are many reasons why people will go under the knife to enhance their appearance, and one of them might just be because they want to look young again. This is why the plastic and cosmetic surgeries have become quite natural in our lifetime.

There is nothing wrong with having cosmetic or plastic surgery

Aging gracefully

Many people might ask “What happened to simply aging gracefully”, but many of them do not understand that genes and nature were not so good to us like with many other people since most of your wrinkles and baggy eyes come genetically. For example, if baggy eyes run in your family, you will probably need surgery to correct this.

This of you who prefer the natural, you should just stay natural there is nothing wrong with that. In addition, just like there is nothing wrong by staying natural, there is nothing wrong with going under the knife if that is something you desire.

For you are you doing the procedure for?

The lower eyelid surgery can really change your life and it can make you look younger, so make sure you are doing the procedure for yourself. As every surgery out there, this one also carries a lot of risks, which you should know before going under the knife.

Find the right doctor

Before you even think about the procedure you want, you should find the right doctor. Not every doctor will do, and just like you would have your physician who you trust and confide to, you should find a surgeon who you can trust as well.

This is important because you need to trust the doctor who will be performing the surgery. This way you will feel less nervous before and after the procedure, as the doctor ensures you that everything will be normal, or tells you any other news related to your surgery.

Don’t miss the consultations

As much as it is important to find the surgeon to do the procedure, it is also very important that you have as many consultations as you deem needed. This is simply because, you as a patient, should know everything that can happen in such a procedure.

                               Don’t skip on the consultations, as they will help you understand the procedure better

In addition, make sure you listen to your doctor. Sometimes, for the lower eyelid surgery to be more successful, you will be asked to stop smoking and taking certain drugs months before and after the surgery, just to make sure that everything goes smoothly.


It is also very important to not get your expectations too high, which is simply because you do not want to be disappointed with the results. This is not a magical procedure, so try not to expect a miracle. You should speak to your surgeon about the results.

Final word

If you are looking for the best lower eyelid surgery Sydney, you should call Dr. Naveen Somia for a consultation, since he is a great plastic and cosmetic surgeon. There are also many great natural remedies you could try out, and if they do not work, there is nothing wrong with surgery.



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