Preserve your lean muscle with the Var

Anavar, the trade name for Oxandrolone, was initially used for treating muscle wasting diseases and weight-loss issues but later became popular as a potent anabolic drug for the enhancement of lean muscle mass and increase in overall strength. Commonly referred to as Dihydrotestosterone or DHT, this component is known to emit mild anabolic and no androgenic properties. Because of its mild effect on the system, it is sometimes misconstrued to be a weak steroid. But the effect of the Anavar is very rapid on the body once it enters the bloodstream, similar to most oral anabolic components.

Prevailing market price

Due to the various forms of the Anavar being available in the market it is necessary to know the prevailing market price with accuracy before opting for any particular product. On a general note, the pharm grade components are relatively more expensive than the UGL ones. The price of raw material for this product is on the higher end irrespective of the place of purchase. However, cheaper raw materials can be provided at a lower price but that is generally procured for research purpose. The human grade versions are more expensive because of the fact that the process of manufacturing of this product is quite lengthy and complicated. Therefore, opting for the right product can help to avoid the probable adverse reactions in men.

All suppliers of this product need to procure a license from the FDA or other requisite authorities to market such product legally. Moreover, in order to produce high-quality raw material the substance is required to be passed through various processes to eliminate the impurities present in a low-grade component. The price of the pharm grade component generally ranges from $120 to $150 for a pack of 60 tablets that are dosed at 10mg each. On the contrary, the underground lab products quote a price range of $70 to $100 for a 60 tablet pack with a dosage range of 10mg to 20mg per tablet.

Browsing through reviews

A reliable source of obtaining information about a product is to go through user reviews posted by various customers. Although appropriate and unbiased reviews are hard to get online it is not impossible. First of all, it is necessary to identify those sites that market authorized products and are licensed suppliers. Along with that, it is necessary to know the basics of the substance to understand which review is original and which review is fake. Not only the user review but also the critics review provides much-needed information about the benefits and drawbacks of the product.

Some of the known positive traits of the Var include the development of lean muscle mass, enhancement in strength and power, reduction in post-workout recovery, preservation of lean muscle tissues and much more. However, this component is not void of negative effects which include adverse reactions in men like enlargement of the prostate, increased hair loss, suppression of natural levels of testosterone, instances of hypertension and hepatotoxicity. All these information can provide necessary assistance to the user in making an informed decision.


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