Things that make you go Boom!

Boom!  Bam! Pow!  Don’t you love it when you know you’re crushing it at the gym.  Using your will power to stay away from the temptations that can wreck your carefully planned program.  You think about a cookie and Bam!  You knock the thought of it away with your high-powered resistance.  But, you know the 4th of July family reunion is coming and you’re going to say no to Auntie Babe’s potato salad.  But you’ve got a plan.  Pow! You’ll make a big kale salad and sit it right next to that potato salad so it will shield you from the temptation.  And there’s a better than 50/50 chance you’re gonna eat some meat.  Especially when you know Gramps has already stocked up on charcoal for the grill and has ordered a case of ribs.  So rather than be a Debbie Downer and quote statistics on the rates of diabetes, Boom!  You’ll make a platter of grilled veggies and plop it down on the table and dive in.

More than one person will get the message, and eat them, too.   And when your cousin complains about that fancy lettuce just remind them of how many family members are on statins.   Tell her again, it tastes good, and it’s even better blended into a smoothie.  Family gatherings can be hard when you’re dieting, so working a little harder to knock off a few more pounds is the best way to keep the peace.  When the day comes around, you know you’ve booked some fun into your visit.  You used a Groupon and saved some money on StubHub.     

You know there will be comments and snide remarks about the weight you’ve lost.  And there will be encouragement and praise.  So go ahead and get it in.  You’ve planned for this by using StubHub to book a cycling class near the reunion hotel just to get away and have some time for yourself.  Maybe this will be the year one of them will come with you and sit in on the class or better yet, take one, too.  StubHub makes it easy to stay ahead of the game.  You can book and buy tickets for concerts, lectures, and even workout classes in your local area where, or where ever the action may be.   So go ahead and amp up your work out now so you can cheat a little or a lot.  Just bring lots of fruits and water with you so when Aunt Edna shows up with that double pan of banana pudding and peach cobbler you’re ready to knock it out!  Like Bam!



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