Things You Should Never Do to Protect Your Teeth

Most articles online would tell you about many good things you should practice to keep your teeth healthy. Only a few write-ups would advise on the things you should never do. Some of these things are being done by you unconsciously and you think would not pose any harm. If you take the advice of arlington dentist, you will know that the following listed below are as damaging as you will ever imagine:

  • Drink water from the bottle – Fluoride is a necessity. Every person should be able to get a dose of it daily. If you are drinking bottled water, you are depriving yourself of fluoride that protects the teeth. Instead, you should opt to drink water from the faucet once in a while as natural sources have sufficient content of fluoride.
  • Chew ice – Chewing ice is as good as trying to bite off a piece from rocks. Doing so will break your teeth and can even displace a filling. The enamel is tough and yet constant chewing on ice would weaken it in time.Image result for Things You Should Never Do to Protect Your Teeth
  • Use the teeth as a unique tool – Some people would rather bite off the bottle caps, tear plastic bags and remove tags using their teeth. According to your trusted arlington dentist, this habit can lead to chipping, cracking and fracturing a tooth or worse, the entire set of teeth that you have. Worst scenarios can be experienced if you keep on doing this. You might be surprised to suffer from jaw pain or acquiring cuts in side your mouth. Most students also tend to bite their pencils and tips of their pens out of boredom and the habit led them to uneven teeth alignment and asymmetrical jaw positioning.
  • Consuming to much sugar and carbo – Pasta, breads, crackers and other sugary and sticky foods can be harmful to your oral health. These kinds of products almost always lead you to suffering from tooth decay because they are best in attracting bacteria within the mouth.
  • Not rinsing off the mouthwash – it is understood that you wat the mouthwash to stay longer inside your mouth for better results; however, you should note that the alcohol content of the product can leave your mouth dry. Ask your arlington dentist and he would tell you rinsing after mouthwash is recommended.
  • Leaving your toothbrush uncovered – You might not realize it but exposing your toothbrushes to open air is just like allowing all kinds of dirt and bacteria to live there. Imagine leaving it pen for ten hours then putting it inside your mouth. Please remember that there are studies which found out that the bacteria from the toilet aerosolize after flushing. This chemical reaction can affect your exposed bristles inside the washroom.
  • Brushing right after meals – Unless recommended by a dentist, you should not brush right after you have eaten or drank something. The acidic content of the food or beverage you’ve taken in can cause the weakening of your enamel. If you brush at this weak stage, you are already allowing the teeth to deteriorate. Try to wait for no more than 45 minutes after drinking and eating before you can brush your teeth.
  • Skip brushing schedules – If you brushed yesterday, it does not mean that your teeth remain to be clean until tonight. Most people skip brushing at night which is actually a more critical moment compared to daytime. If you skip brushing for more than 24 hours, you already paved the way for tartar and cavities to form. In most instances, these problems cannot be resolved by regular toothbrush alone. Sadly you have to get an appointment with a dentist to resolve the issue.

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