Want to cure bloating? Check these home remedies

Bloating is one of the most embarrassing situations when it occurs. After all, it makes your stomach visible due to excess gas in thesmall intestine. There are many reasons behind bloating which includes water retention, smoking, and indigestion. To avoid the swollen stomach and problems like diarrhea, and belching that follows, thehelpof some home remedies can be taken.

There are some of the known home remedies that can easily help one to get the disease easily cured as and when such situation occurs.

3 Home remedies that can help to cure bloating

  1. Cinnamon – Known for its qualities to give instant relief from gas, stomach ache or any digestive problems, Cinnamon also helps to get rid of bloating. Add cinnamon to soy milk with honey and boil the three. Remove from theflame to cool down and drink. Reheat whenever you want to consume it to make it lukewarm. Pregnant woman and breastfeeding woman must take only small quantities of cinnamon only like oneteaspoon a day.                                                                                                                                                                                                 Cinnamon not only cures gas and bloating but also avoids it to occur. So even if you are not suffering from bloating, you can consume cinnamon on a regular basis.
  1. Black Salt – Black Salt is also known to give instant relief to bloating patients. Black Salt improves digestion and helps to release intestinal gas. It also can be consumed daily after meals to avoid bloating. There are two ways to have it. Either consume it with lemon juice or combine it with dry ginger, cardamom powder, and asafetida to avoid gas and bloating. Quantity must be kept in mind. The former mixture must be consumed thrice a day, half spoon per day while the latter one can be taken twice or thrice a day.
  1. Dill Seeds – An annual herb, dill seeds may not be an easily available spice in Indian kitchens but are quite popular in Eurasia. They use as a flavoring agent. But they also help in getting relief from bloating. But they must never be consumed by expecting mothers as it may lead to miscarriages. The method to use it is to add crush dill seeds to water and let it boil. Remove it from flame and let it cool down a little. When lukewarm, drink it like Drink it twice to get rid of bloating. Avoid it if allergic to it.

But to avoid reaching a stage to use home remedies people can use some preventive measures to avoid bloating. Chewing food is one of them. Chew your food well before swallowing. It would make it easy to digest. Also, don’t eat in only go. Instead of consuming three full heavy meals, try to prefer small meals. Also, don’t sleep immediately after eating as it would act as a hindrance to your digestive system and increase your chances of suffering bloating. Practice a gap of atleast 1.5 hours between the two. It would be better if you take a mild walk after your food.

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